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Monthly updateness!

Well, I'm finally free of papers, for about a week or so, so go me! Whee!

I'll be going away to Cooperstown for three days and two nights with the softball team: each night in a different hotel and the best part is...I get paid for it! The sweetness! I do need this vacation away for a while. Too many assignments were given in the past three weeks. At least I am free! Just to print out this paper and go to take my Saturday quiz early tomorrow morning since I won't be at York on Saturday (for once), go to my 10am class and then off to QCC for departure! Sw33t!

In other news, I bought Tetris DS today. I didn't get to play it yet because of doing lots of paperage. I'll give it a whirl for now, but it shall accompany me on my travels. Don't miss me too much guys! lol.

So if you need me, call me. I should be on AIM with my cell phone as well. I am not taking my laptop with me, so IMs must be short. hehehe. Which reminds me to make sure I take my chargers for the DS and phone before I leave tomorrow.

I promise to take photos.
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