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Read all about it!!! Please?

(Who the heck still reads this, I don't know.)

For those of you who don't know:

Here we go, I have a crush on two girls at the moment. One who is Italian named Dana and the other who is Colombian named Lady. Lady is 24 and Dana is 20, I think.

Lady goes to York with me, and I met her in my biology and chemistry classes, I changed my major and so we don't have anymore classes together.
Lady is a sweetheart. (You don't find that many awesome looking girls with sweet personalities nowadays...)
Imagine the face of Catherine Zeta-Jones with Fergie's (from the Black Eyed Peas) body and you have a sense of what Lady looks like. lol.
Lady owns a motorcycle and just received her motorcycle license as well.
The downsides are she doesn't know I'm gay and I haven't seen her since December 28, 2005. I haven't told her yet but she has a right to know.

Dana is the blonde Italian stallion.
I met her last year at Queensborough on the softball team.
She's a sweetheart as well.
She has some hispanic features as well. Not many white girls have a derriere, but she does. lol.
She knows I'm gay and she gives the best hugs. She also likes to tease me about being gay (i.e. We went to Taco Bell after a game and said that she knows I want a taco. lol. I asked for her to order for me because I was indecisive about whether to get a hard or soft taco. She ordered hard and then later realized that she should have ordered a soft taco. lol.)
So I gave her a card on Wednesday explaining that I like her and that I'd be beating myself up if I didn't tell her that I liked her. I explained in it that life is too short to not let someone know you care about them, y'know?
So the upsides are she already knows I like her after reading the card and she already knows that I'm gay and knows that I'm nice. She called me a sweetheart, gave me a great hug and told me that she's surprised that I'm not married yet when I gave her the card, meaning before she read it. She didn't have time to read it there, so I'm in the dark here.

Everyone asks me about the girls' orientation. I have no gaydar whatsoever, so asking me this question is futile. lol. It easier for everyone who is straight because most of the world is. They don't have to worry about asking, "Are you one, too?" It's kind of sad...

You know what one my friends said to me last night? He said something I never considered as a possibility: "What if it backfires and you have two yes responses?" With my luck, stuff like that doesn't occur. lol. I don't regret telling Dana that I've liked her for so long, but I hope that I hear from her some time in the near future.

So what do you think??? And if I had the opportunity to choose between the two, Dana has the advantage because she's known me for two years, is comfortable with me and I've known her for so long as well. Any responses would be nice. Thanks for reading all of this. You get the option of a cookie or a cheese muffin.

(In other news, my folks have decided to push up the moving date for FL. Instead of moving summer 2008, we'll be moving summer 2007. I also don't know what courses I'll be taking in fall of 2006 yet or if I'm even going to continue college. I'm going to get that accursed driver's license this year. Decisions, decisions...)
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