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Awesome turn of events...

My first class was cancelled.
I skipped my evening class but not really because I notified them that I wouldn't be attending.
I took my car without parental permission.
Best day evAr!

I had fun dancing tonight. It was great to relieve some stress. I felt so liberated driving to QCC while the sun was setting...without a parent in the car with me being a backseat driver! I don't know how the folks will take it tomorrow if they find out which I believe they will, but it was so worth it.

I'm ready for whatever punishment they give me. But I shouldn't really receive one considering the fact that I'm 22, have a driver's license and my dad said that I will get the car once I get more experience on the highway. I'm not eager to drive on the highway. I drove on local road to and fro. I've driven to QCC many a time with my dad so I don't see why I should get scolded. We'll see what happens...eep.

The DJ at the dance was mediocre, but I managed to make the best of it. Danced with my ex-FWB, Carina. Let's just say the dancing was hawt! You want me to go into further detail, don't you? Fine, okay. We were dancing to the song Culo, and I was behind her and we were both whining on each other and she put my hands in front of her at her waist, and then she told me that I put them lower. lolz. And let's just say that I did. lolz.

I drove her home after the dance, though I lost my umbrella. Someone stole it...the sinners, but it's okay. It wasn't raining and I need new umbrellas anyways. I drove her home, gave her the belated V-day gift that I gave everyone else, gave her a smooch on the cheek, made sure she got inside and drove off listening to the DJ on Lite FM.

She was asking certain questions such as: "Did you spend time today with a special someone", and "Did you do something adventurous...and did you live life to the fullest today instead of just living passibly?"... I was like, hmm, is she talking about me? lolz.

Turns out that Carina left her umbrella in the car when she left. How the fuzzy didn't I notice that? Anyways, the drive home was good, not much traffic since everyone is on the highways at this time. It was me and the open road. Sweet! I made sure that I got home way before my dad did. I got home in 30 minutes like I always do. I felt so independent today. I wonder how long I'll have to wait until that happens again...

I received a text message from Carina that I had to save. It said, "Just wanted to say that I appreciate you a lot. You are such a good friend regardless of what happened in the past! Thank you! Goodnight!" I thanked her for the kind words, let her know that I got home safely and that I had her umbrella. She told me to hold onto it so she could come pick it up at a later date. Hmm, I wonder if she left it purposely in there... lolz. Time will tell. lolz.

All in all, this day was friggin' awesome, seeing the sun set as I was driving to QCC for the dance. Tomorrow I get back down to business with school work, but for now, let me reminisce about February 22, 2007. Thanks for reading. <3
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