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The World of the Mo

10th June, 2007. 10:34 pm. Games completed in the first half of 2007...

Phoenix Wright: Justice for All (DS)
Mario and Luigi: Partners in Time (DS)
Hotel Dusk: Room 215 (DS)
Grand Theft Auto: Vice City Stories (PS2)
The Godfather: Blackhand Edition (Wii)

Yeah, I haven't been doing much posting on this, nor much gaming. Been mainly moving stuff from house to house. I can't wait until the folks are gone for those precious six days. I'm mainly focused on pride and hanging out every single day, as well as driving every single day.

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23rd February, 2007. 12:16 am. Awesome turn of events...

My first class was cancelled.
I skipped my evening class but not really because I notified them that I wouldn't be attending.
I took my car without parental permission.
Best day evAr!

I had fun dancing tonight. It was great to relieve some stress. I felt so liberated driving to QCC while the sun was setting...without a parent in the car with me being a backseat driver! I don't know how the folks will take it tomorrow if they find out which I believe they will, but it was so worth it.

I'm ready for whatever punishment they give me. But I shouldn't really receive one considering the fact that I'm 22, have a driver's license and my dad said that I will get the car once I get more experience on the highway. I'm not eager to drive on the highway. I drove on local road to and fro. I've driven to QCC many a time with my dad so I don't see why I should get scolded. We'll see what happens...eep.

The DJ at the dance was mediocre, but I managed to make the best of it. Danced with my ex-FWB, Carina. Let's just say the dancing was hawt! You want me to go into further detail, don't you? Fine, okay. We were dancing to the song Culo, and I was behind her and we were both whining on each other and she put my hands in front of her at her waist, and then she told me that I put them lower. lolz. And let's just say that I did. lolz.

I drove her home after the dance, though I lost my umbrella. Someone stole it...the sinners, but it's okay. It wasn't raining and I need new umbrellas anyways. I drove her home, gave her the belated V-day gift that I gave everyone else, gave her a smooch on the cheek, made sure she got inside and drove off listening to the DJ on Lite FM.

She was asking certain questions such as: "Did you spend time today with a special someone", and "Did you do something adventurous...and did you live life to the fullest today instead of just living passibly?"... I was like, hmm, is she talking about me? lolz.

Turns out that Carina left her umbrella in the car when she left. How the fuzzy didn't I notice that? Anyways, the drive home was good, not much traffic since everyone is on the highways at this time. It was me and the open road. Sweet! I made sure that I got home way before my dad did. I got home in 30 minutes like I always do. I felt so independent today. I wonder how long I'll have to wait until that happens again...

I received a text message from Carina that I had to save. It said, "Just wanted to say that I appreciate you a lot. You are such a good friend regardless of what happened in the past! Thank you! Goodnight!" I thanked her for the kind words, let her know that I got home safely and that I had her umbrella. She told me to hold onto it so she could come pick it up at a later date. Hmm, I wonder if she left it purposely in there... lolz. Time will tell. lolz.

All in all, this day was friggin' awesome, seeing the sun set as I was driving to QCC for the dance. Tomorrow I get back down to business with school work, but for now, let me reminisce about February 22, 2007. Thanks for reading. <3

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13th February, 2007. 11:58 pm. Games completed in 2006...

Bully (PS2)
Final Fantasy X (PS2)
From Russia with Love (PS2)
God of War (PS2)
Grand Theft Auto: Liberty City Stories (PS2)
Killer7 (GC)
Kingdom Hearts (PS2)
Mario Kart DS (DS)
Touch Detective (DS)
Trace Memory (DS)

Games completed in 2007, so far...
Hotel Dusk: Room 215 (DS)
Phoenix Wright Ace Attorney: Justice for All (DS)

Games I still play even though I've defeated them...
Guitar Hero (PS2)
Guitar Hero II (PS2)
Phoenix Wright Ace Attorney (DS)
Phoenix Wright Ace Attorney: Justice for All (DS)

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13th February, 2007. 11:16 pm. Here we go again...

Another Valentine's Day and I'm still single. Why am I not surprised? lolz. I barely go out anyways, so how the fuzzy do I expect to find a lady? But the good news this time around is that I'm talking to a lady who happens to be a lesbian, thank friggin' gawd! lolz.

Though I haven't heard from her in two weeks, I do hope to hear from her this week, even if it's one word...just to know that she's well. Grr, time, time, time. Just smegeggi. Yes, I said it, smegeggi!

Enjoy the ones you have, because you never know if you're gonna have them forever. And yes, I am happy for those of you out there who have a significant other of sorts. And enjoy the day tomorrow, while I do what I always do every V-day: spread cheer and play video games throughout the day, and then cry myself to sleep. Spootz, just spootz.

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8th February, 2007. 11:47 pm. After a six-month hiatus...

Yes, I know it's been over six months since I've been here, but I've been through a lot since then, of course.

Let's see, where to begin? I'm 22 1/2 now, going on 23, which is interesting, yet scary at the same time. I wonder if anyone is going to read this. lolz. Anyways, I successfully passed my road test and I have my driver's license.

I went to QCC for the fall term in 2006 to finish up my A.S. in health sciences though I graduated in June 2005. I met more basketball peoples and they are all cool.

In September, I went through a transition period of dealing with such an event that I really don't want to discuss here. I'm just gonna label it as the Sincerity issue. If you want to know about this issue, feel free to ask me about it, otherwise, I'm not mentioning it here.

I met some other friends at a dance. One that was completely ungrateful for everything I did for her, so then she didn't remain a friend for very long. Anyways, moving on to December 2006. I was interested in this 18-year-old girl and it seemed like she was interested in me as well. She and I started talking, seemed we were hitting it off just fine. We went to see a movie, she paid for the tickets and during the movie, which was Turistas, by the way, we managed to engage in smooching and some groping. (Sad to say it, but she was my first kiss.) Sad, yet true, at the age of 22 was the Mo's first kiss.

Anyways, after the movie was over and the credits were rolling and as the theater was empty, she and I stayed back and had more of a smoochfest. lolz. Feisty that one was. During that week, I asked her if she'd ever consider being my girlfriend since we've kissed and all that...sorry, old school dater over here! She said that she'd consider it, but the timing was wrong since she had received a text message from one of her exes. So I bided my time.

She made it seem like I did somehow have a chance, until later that week that she texted me that she wasn't interested in a relationship. That I understood, gave her the space she needed and we were friends. Thank goodness one of my friends notified me of this in advance so I was prepared for it. I'm a good actress, lemme tell you. She didn't even know that I knew that she screwed around with someone else while she and I were officially talking. Me, being the sensitive one, thought of an awesome Christmas gift for her, unbeknownst to her. When she got her present, she was estatic and happy with glee. She was like a kid in a candy store. And I told her, imagine what you'd get from me if you WERE my girlfriend. lolz.

You'd think this story would have a happy ending of her somehow being my current girlfriend, but that isn't how life goes, my friends. She ends up dating this girl that she met off MySpace, only met three times in person, barely got to know, and who also happened to hack into her MySpace and put photos of herself on her MySpace. So I say to myself, what's up with that? Makes no sense to me. If I had done that, I'd be banned from speaking to her or something of the sort. It just goes to show you that teenagers, most of the time, don't know what they want. *sigh*

Well, like I said before in my pride entry that I still have hope that I will somehow find that special lady that will make me happy. At the moment, I'm speaking to a 24-year-old named Janela. She and I started chatting after a while. She and I have the same interests, hobbies, same favorite TV shows and even the same flavor ice cream! (Which happens to be vanilla bean with cookies 'n' creme.) She's mixed as I am: Jamaican, Haitian and Bahamian. She moved to New York City from Chicago five months ago. She graduated from college and now works at an advertising firm in Manhattan.

She wants to meet up with me when she gets back from Haiti because her grandmother recently passed away. Her grandmother basically raised her, so she was very close with her. So when she returns, we'll see what there is to be. I'm not really getting my hopes up, but it's not like I'm getting any younger. lol.

It's different on the other side of the tracks (meaning dating an older woman.) They know what they want, there's no need to mess around, they are focused and are ready to settle down. Hmm, maybe this is what I needed all along. Time will tell, I suppose. Hmm, did I omit anything?

Oh yeah, are you happy now, Kristen? lolz. Nutter butter. I hope you enjoyed reading. Signing off for now.

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8th July, 2006. 9:01 pm. Mmmkay...

So since my last update, I have completed GTA Liberty City Stories as well as Killer7. Killer7 had a great twist ending...I loved it. I wil eventually go back and play in Killer8 mode.

At the moment, I'm halfway through God of War. The music and graphics are amazing. I love my Greek mythology though this story is made up.

I feel that it's going to be a while until I get interested in another RPG. I guess Final Fantasy III will do it for me (for the Nintendo DS).

Circuit City was having an $8.96 sale for many games. I bought Gun and From Russia with Love for the PS2. I will tackle those games eventually after I finish God of War.

Resident Evil 4 seemed too scary for me to play, but after playing Killer7, I think I can manage RE4 sometime in the near future.

I've finally pursued driving school! I've already taken the 5-hour class, all I have to do now are some driving lessons before my road test which will be August 15.

Pride was awesomez!! The parade was as good as it was last year. After the parade, my brother and I didn't head straight home. Oh no, even though it was raining a wee bit, that didn't stop us. We went to a bar to join with some of his co-workers. It was lesbian central in there!!! I mean, you had to literally squeeze past all the women in that bar. There was bartable dancing, super-soakering and good tunes. My brother's friends instantly became my friends as well. lol. They lurve me.

An interesting thing happened when we were there. I was just sitting watching everyone else drink and act silly, looking at the ladies in the bar and saw this attractive older woman with her partner. I told her that her eyes are beautiful. She said that's so sweet of me. And she said that she knows I'm gonna make a special girl very happy. That had made my day! To know that there is hope. hehehe. After complimenting me on my looks, she laid a nice smooch on her girlfriend. It was so sweet. I squeed inside.

After the bar, we headed over to meet with some of my friends from the QCC softball team. We found them after a couple of phone calls. lol. We headed back to the bar, I bought my friend a Corona, didn't have one myself, I wasn't even carded. lol. I don't think they cared, it was all about having a good time. Man, I swear that being gay is like being another race. lol. Everyone is so nice, glad to know I'm not the only one out there. hehehe.

Well, my birthday draws ever so closely, jeez, turning 22. I cannot believe it. Hmm, I wonder if I should do anything...*thinks*

This may take a while...

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30th May, 2006. 7:39 pm. w00t!

I am pleased to announce that I have defeated Kingdom Hearts. I am proud of my accomplishment. lol. It was a good, entertaining and self-gratifying RPG. It didn't seem redundant considering the worlds had great environments and characters. Most RPGs are cut and dry and the same old, same old stuff. But Kingdom Hearts is a world of difference. As for now, though FFX-2 is still unplayed in my gaming collection, I will hold on the RPGs for a little bit. I will persue to play Killer7 and God of War, and of course, GTA Liberty City Stories when I get it next week. Sweet.

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19th May, 2006. 8:14 pm. Read all about it!!! Please?

(Who the heck still reads this, I don't know.)

For those of you who don't know:

Here we go, I have a crush on two girls at the moment. One who is Italian named Dana and the other who is Colombian named Lady. Lady is 24 and Dana is 20, I think.

Lady goes to York with me, and I met her in my biology and chemistry classes, I changed my major and so we don't have anymore classes together.
Lady is a sweetheart. (You don't find that many awesome looking girls with sweet personalities nowadays...)
Imagine the face of Catherine Zeta-Jones with Fergie's (from the Black Eyed Peas) body and you have a sense of what Lady looks like. lol.
Lady owns a motorcycle and just received her motorcycle license as well.
The downsides are she doesn't know I'm gay and I haven't seen her since December 28, 2005. I haven't told her yet but she has a right to know.

Dana is the blonde Italian stallion.
I met her last year at Queensborough on the softball team.
She's a sweetheart as well.
She has some hispanic features as well. Not many white girls have a derriere, but she does. lol.
She knows I'm gay and she gives the best hugs. She also likes to tease me about being gay (i.e. We went to Taco Bell after a game and said that she knows I want a taco. lol. I asked for her to order for me because I was indecisive about whether to get a hard or soft taco. She ordered hard and then later realized that she should have ordered a soft taco. lol.)
So I gave her a card on Wednesday explaining that I like her and that I'd be beating myself up if I didn't tell her that I liked her. I explained in it that life is too short to not let someone know you care about them, y'know?
So the upsides are she already knows I like her after reading the card and she already knows that I'm gay and knows that I'm nice. She called me a sweetheart, gave me a great hug and told me that she's surprised that I'm not married yet when I gave her the card, meaning before she read it. She didn't have time to read it there, so I'm in the dark here.

Everyone asks me about the girls' orientation. I have no gaydar whatsoever, so asking me this question is futile. lol. It easier for everyone who is straight because most of the world is. They don't have to worry about asking, "Are you one, too?" It's kind of sad...

You know what one my friends said to me last night? He said something I never considered as a possibility: "What if it backfires and you have two yes responses?" With my luck, stuff like that doesn't occur. lol. I don't regret telling Dana that I've liked her for so long, but I hope that I hear from her some time in the near future.

So what do you think??? And if I had the opportunity to choose between the two, Dana has the advantage because she's known me for two years, is comfortable with me and I've known her for so long as well. Any responses would be nice. Thanks for reading all of this. You get the option of a cookie or a cheese muffin.

(In other news, my folks have decided to push up the moving date for FL. Instead of moving summer 2008, we'll be moving summer 2007. I also don't know what courses I'll be taking in fall of 2006 yet or if I'm even going to continue college. I'm going to get that accursed driver's license this year. Decisions, decisions...)

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5th April, 2006. 10:52 pm. Monthly updateness!

Well, I'm finally free of papers, for about a week or so, so go me! Whee!

I'll be going away to Cooperstown for three days and two nights with the softball team: each night in a different hotel and the best part is...I get paid for it! The sweetness! I do need this vacation away for a while. Too many assignments were given in the past three weeks. At least I am free! Just to print out this paper and go to take my Saturday quiz early tomorrow morning since I won't be at York on Saturday (for once), go to my 10am class and then off to QCC for departure! Sw33t!

In other news, I bought Tetris DS today. I didn't get to play it yet because of doing lots of paperage. I'll give it a whirl for now, but it shall accompany me on my travels. Don't miss me too much guys! lol.

So if you need me, call me. I should be on AIM with my cell phone as well. I am not taking my laptop with me, so IMs must be short. hehehe. Which reminds me to make sure I take my chargers for the DS and phone before I leave tomorrow.

I promise to take photos.

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10th March, 2006. 10:11 pm. Movie goers...

Yeah, I've been busy, accursed college. I am enjoying my time with the psychology major though. I just finished writing and printing a six-page psychology paper all in one day and I've never been so excited. lol. I'm weird, of course, so sue me...for no more than $2 though.

My brother and I went to see Ultraviolet on Saturday. It could have been better but it didn't bother me because I got to see Mmmmmilla (pun intended). Then I saw Final Destination 3 yesterday with the Jenzer who I haven't seen in like over a year or something. lol. The movie had some serious gratuitous violence. It's just sick! I highly recommend it if you wanna get creeped out of your mind! lol. Especially Jenzer, since a death scene involved (spoiler alert) a train and I had to take two trains home, so she worried that the same would happen to me. So I had to call her to let her know I've "cheated death". Silly Jenzer, I must remind you, IT'S A MOVIE!!! lol.

Movies I need to see

Mary Poppins
Saw and Saw II
Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire
Date Movie
Brokeback Mountain
Mommy Dearest
The Wizard of Oz
Sound of Music

Yeah, I think that's it. Now I can watch stuff on DVR now. Whee! I begin work again on the 14th as the assistant QCC softball coach. Hello ladies. lol. Speaking of ladies, Lady officially got her motorcycle titled La Negrita II (the lil black one, two). If only I was her La Negrita (the lil black one). hehehe. I'm a nut!

I was correct about Lady's phone. It was damaged due to it getting wet, so she needed to get it replaced and she texted me as soon as she could. She told me that she missed me and all. Spring break. I can't wait for it! Lady...scantily-clad clothing...heat...SQUEEE!

What's even better is the sole reason I wanted to buy a PSP is because of GTA Liberty City Stories. But the best news of all is that GTA LCS is being ported to the PS2 and it'll be cheaper. And when is it being released? During spring break! wewt! Meaning time to play it!

I will eventually get MKDS and another GBA game. Time will tell. I can't wait for the paychecks to start rolling in. Score!

Current mood: pleased.

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