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Movie goers...

Yeah, I've been busy, accursed college. I am enjoying my time with the psychology major though. I just finished writing and printing a six-page psychology paper all in one day and I've never been so excited. lol. I'm weird, of course, so sue me...for no more than $2 though.

My brother and I went to see Ultraviolet on Saturday. It could have been better but it didn't bother me because I got to see Mmmmmilla (pun intended). Then I saw Final Destination 3 yesterday with the Jenzer who I haven't seen in like over a year or something. lol. The movie had some serious gratuitous violence. It's just sick! I highly recommend it if you wanna get creeped out of your mind! lol. Especially Jenzer, since a death scene involved (spoiler alert) a train and I had to take two trains home, so she worried that the same would happen to me. So I had to call her to let her know I've "cheated death". Silly Jenzer, I must remind you, IT'S A MOVIE!!! lol.

Movies I need to see

Mary Poppins
Saw and Saw II
Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire
Date Movie
Brokeback Mountain
Mommy Dearest
The Wizard of Oz
Sound of Music

Yeah, I think that's it. Now I can watch stuff on DVR now. Whee! I begin work again on the 14th as the assistant QCC softball coach. Hello ladies. lol. Speaking of ladies, Lady officially got her motorcycle titled La Negrita II (the lil black one, two). If only I was her La Negrita (the lil black one). hehehe. I'm a nut!

I was correct about Lady's phone. It was damaged due to it getting wet, so she needed to get it replaced and she texted me as soon as she could. She told me that she missed me and all. Spring break. I can't wait for it! Lady...scantily-clad clothing...heat...SQUEEE!

What's even better is the sole reason I wanted to buy a PSP is because of GTA Liberty City Stories. But the best news of all is that GTA LCS is being ported to the PS2 and it'll be cheaper. And when is it being released? During spring break! wewt! Meaning time to play it!

I will eventually get MKDS and another GBA game. Time will tell. I can't wait for the paychecks to start rolling in. Score!
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