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I am pleased to announce that I have defeated Kingdom Hearts. I am proud of my accomplishment. lol. It was a good, entertaining and self-gratifying RPG. It didn't seem redundant considering the worlds had great environments and characters. Most RPGs are cut and dry and the same old, same old stuff. But Kingdom Hearts is a world of difference. As for now, though FFX-2 is still unplayed in my gaming collection, I will hold on the RPGs for a little bit. I will persue to play Killer7 and God of War, and of course, GTA Liberty City Stories when I get it next week. Sweet.
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Kingdom Hearts and God of War were great games. As for FFX-2...I never have been able to finish X...I don't really know why. I keep re-starting it. In the end though I think it's just that Titus annoys me.

The worst thing ever though, I'm playing Tales of Symphonia. They never say where to go, they mention town names, but they don't give directions. Unless I am missing something that is. Although I'm sure it also doesn't help that the game sits around for weeks in between my sessions with it.

Yeah, so what's up by the way?