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After a six-month hiatus...

Yes, I know it's been over six months since I've been here, but I've been through a lot since then, of course.

Let's see, where to begin? I'm 22 1/2 now, going on 23, which is interesting, yet scary at the same time. I wonder if anyone is going to read this. lolz. Anyways, I successfully passed my road test and I have my driver's license.

I went to QCC for the fall term in 2006 to finish up my A.S. in health sciences though I graduated in June 2005. I met more basketball peoples and they are all cool.

In September, I went through a transition period of dealing with such an event that I really don't want to discuss here. I'm just gonna label it as the Sincerity issue. If you want to know about this issue, feel free to ask me about it, otherwise, I'm not mentioning it here.

I met some other friends at a dance. One that was completely ungrateful for everything I did for her, so then she didn't remain a friend for very long. Anyways, moving on to December 2006. I was interested in this 18-year-old girl and it seemed like she was interested in me as well. She and I started talking, seemed we were hitting it off just fine. We went to see a movie, she paid for the tickets and during the movie, which was Turistas, by the way, we managed to engage in smooching and some groping. (Sad to say it, but she was my first kiss.) Sad, yet true, at the age of 22 was the Mo's first kiss.

Anyways, after the movie was over and the credits were rolling and as the theater was empty, she and I stayed back and had more of a smoochfest. lolz. Feisty that one was. During that week, I asked her if she'd ever consider being my girlfriend since we've kissed and all that...sorry, old school dater over here! She said that she'd consider it, but the timing was wrong since she had received a text message from one of her exes. So I bided my time.

She made it seem like I did somehow have a chance, until later that week that she texted me that she wasn't interested in a relationship. That I understood, gave her the space she needed and we were friends. Thank goodness one of my friends notified me of this in advance so I was prepared for it. I'm a good actress, lemme tell you. She didn't even know that I knew that she screwed around with someone else while she and I were officially talking. Me, being the sensitive one, thought of an awesome Christmas gift for her, unbeknownst to her. When she got her present, she was estatic and happy with glee. She was like a kid in a candy store. And I told her, imagine what you'd get from me if you WERE my girlfriend. lolz.

You'd think this story would have a happy ending of her somehow being my current girlfriend, but that isn't how life goes, my friends. She ends up dating this girl that she met off MySpace, only met three times in person, barely got to know, and who also happened to hack into her MySpace and put photos of herself on her MySpace. So I say to myself, what's up with that? Makes no sense to me. If I had done that, I'd be banned from speaking to her or something of the sort. It just goes to show you that teenagers, most of the time, don't know what they want. *sigh*

Well, like I said before in my pride entry that I still have hope that I will somehow find that special lady that will make me happy. At the moment, I'm speaking to a 24-year-old named Janela. She and I started chatting after a while. She and I have the same interests, hobbies, same favorite TV shows and even the same flavor ice cream! (Which happens to be vanilla bean with cookies 'n' creme.) She's mixed as I am: Jamaican, Haitian and Bahamian. She moved to New York City from Chicago five months ago. She graduated from college and now works at an advertising firm in Manhattan.

She wants to meet up with me when she gets back from Haiti because her grandmother recently passed away. Her grandmother basically raised her, so she was very close with her. So when she returns, we'll see what there is to be. I'm not really getting my hopes up, but it's not like I'm getting any younger. lol.

It's different on the other side of the tracks (meaning dating an older woman.) They know what they want, there's no need to mess around, they are focused and are ready to settle down. Hmm, maybe this is what I needed all along. Time will tell, I suppose. Hmm, did I omit anything?

Oh yeah, are you happy now, Kristen? lolz. Nutter butter. I hope you enjoyed reading. Signing off for now.
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