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Here we go again...

Another Valentine's Day and I'm still single. Why am I not surprised? lolz. I barely go out anyways, so how the fuzzy do I expect to find a lady? But the good news this time around is that I'm talking to a lady who happens to be a lesbian, thank friggin' gawd! lolz.

Though I haven't heard from her in two weeks, I do hope to hear from her this week, even if it's one word...just to know that she's well. Grr, time, time, time. Just smegeggi. Yes, I said it, smegeggi!

Enjoy the ones you have, because you never know if you're gonna have them forever. And yes, I am happy for those of you out there who have a significant other of sorts. And enjoy the day tomorrow, while I do what I always do every V-day: spread cheer and play video games throughout the day, and then cry myself to sleep. Spootz, just spootz.
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